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Experience Matters

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Whether you are buying or selling a condominium, if you live in the Edmonton Area chances are that you, one of your relatives or one of your friends have bought or sold a condominium through me.  Since 1968 I have helped thousands of people in the Edmonton area realize their dreams and today there is still nothing that gives me greater pleasure than the smile of a buyer or seller when they have accomplished what they set out to do.

As condominiums become more and more popular there are countless realtors who dabble in them, who sell the odd one and even some who selling condo's represent 50% of their business. But their is only one realtor that specializes exclusively in the sale of condominiums and I've beed doing that since 1968.

If you want to maximize the selling price of your unit, If you want to purchase a condo and know that your interests are well taken care of or if you know someone who can benefit from dealing with a Realtor who places integrity and ethics above everything else then feel free to phone or email me. I'm here to help.

If you are interested in a little bit of history click the "about tab" and of course check out my blog.

Years ago a purchaser mentioned to me that the main reason she called me was in her words..."Experience Matters"  Call me and find out why when it comes to buying or selling condominiums in Edmonton she was right.

"There is something to be said for Intuition and Experience. When Connie looked at my condo she told me that my building was undervalued and that we could ask more for my unit than any unit had sold for in the building before. Throwing the Market Analysis aside she said lets try it. Within a month my unit was sold for far more than I had ever expected and now...everyone in the building loves her because everyones unit has gone up in price. Just an Awesome Realtor !"

M. Muzzolini - June 2014

"Decided to downsize and move to the river valley. Could not be happier, not only does our condo match our lifestyle but Connie was great when it came to negotiating on my behalf. When she speaks....other realtors listen and Im sure that her guidance and reputation were critical in getting the perfect condo at a fair price for both me and the seller."

W. Strang - August 2014